Studio Policy


Weekly lessons are available for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. In addition to regularly scheduled lessons, performance classes occur two weeks prior to recitals.


Students will receive 33 lessons over a 9 month period (September through May). Tuition is a set monthly rate and is due at the first lesson of each month.

*A late fee of $20 will be automatically added to tuition not paid by the date indicated on the invoice. Lessons will be suspended for students who are habitually late with payment*

A one-time $50 books and materials fee is due at the beginning of each year (September). Festival and competition fees are to be paid separately and are due a month before the scheduled event.

Performance Classes

Hour-long Performance Classes are offered two weeks before each recital. These classes count as a lesson and are extremely helpful in preparing students for a performance. Sign up for the time/day you prefer on the calendar.

Summer Lessons

During the summer months (June-August) students may choose a packet of either 7, 8, or 9 lessons. All current students are required to take a minimum of 7 summer lessons. Summer lessons are required to hold a place in the studio for the upcoming year.

Missed Lessons

Because specific times are set aside for specific students, makeup lessons are not offered and rescheduled/open lessons are not guaranteed. Please be assured that your tuition pays for far more than the time spent with the student in the lesson. Absences by the student are considered forfeited lessons and will not be refunded, though lessons missed by the teacher will be credited or made up.

Open Lessons

Lesson times that have been cancelled will automatically become ‘open lessons’ that other students may sign up for. Students needing to reschedule may simply sign into the website and register for any open lesson that appears on the calendar (if available). There should be at least 1 day in between lessons so the student can practice.


Students who are too ill to attend school that day should not attend their lesson.

Termination of Lessons

Each student who registers for lessons in the fall makes a commitment for the entire school year (September through May). Thus, ending lessons is only appropriate at the end of the year (May). If an exception to this policy is necessary, a full month’s notice is required. If notice is not given, tuition for one month will still be owed. Discussion of terminating lessons should be handled by the parent and myself outside of the lesson schedule. Please do not ask the student to handle this situation during his or her lesson.

Example: If a student will be terminating lessons on January 31, I must be notified by December 31. If a student is terminating lessons on January 31 and notifies me on any date past December 31 tuition will still be owed for the month of February.

Student Responsibilities

Practice should be daily, thoughtful, and goal-oriented. We learn and review methods for practice at each lesson, and these techniques should be repeated at home. The most important day of the week to practice is the one immediately following the lesson, if not the same day of the lesson. Younger students will need parental help during the week to make sure they are following their weekly assignments. Older children should be learning to listen, assess, and improve the quality of their work. All students are expected to have clipped fingernails to ensure proper technique.

Parent Responsibilities

Parental support is a must for the child’s musical growth. In addition to a real acoustic piano, students need uninterrupted practice time and encouragement. As mentioned, younger students need extra help with their practice.

Parents should see that their child arrives to his or her lesson on time. If a student arrives late, his or her lesson will not be extended past the scheduled time. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the safe arrival and departure of their child.


Students are encouraged to participate in performance opportunities in the Saint Louis area throughout the year. Performances motivate students to practice and master their pieces. All students are expected to perform in the December and May recitals.

*Fees for events range from $18-$25 and are due a month before the scheduled date of the event. Once a fee is paid to participate in the event, it cannot be refunded.