Student Events

In addition to studio recitals, students have the opportunity to perform in various events in the Saint Louis area.

Arch Cup (Webster University)

The Arch Cup was founded by Caroline Hixson and is open to students from Saint Louis studios. Students play one memorized piece for a judge. Each student will receive adjudication comments and a rating (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Depending on the rating students may receive a trophy, ribbon, or certificate.

NFMC Junior Festival (Lindenwood University)

The National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival is a great opportunity for all students. Students will prepare two pieces for adjudication (one by an American composer, one choice piece). A judge will give written feedback in addition to a rating. The ratings include Superior (5 points), Excellent (4 points), Very Good (3 points), Good (2 points), and Fair (1 point). When a student accumulates 15 points a gold cup is awarded.

Studio Recitals (Webster University Winifred Moore Auditorium)

K-12 students have the opportunity to perform in two recitals per year. Recitals are very rewarding and are a wonderful opportunity to show off for friends and family. Performance classes are offered prior to recitals for students to play for each other and get acclimated to performing. All K-12 students participate in both recitals.

Adult students are able to participate in two ‘get-togethers’ per year. These are designed to be low-key events in which students can perform prepared pieces for other adult students.