Summer Lessons

Questions? Ready to register? Contact Caroline via the contact form on this page.

Summer lessons are offered from June 4, 2018-August 9, 2018. To make room for vacations, camps, etc., students have the option of choosing each day and time that works for their schedule.
Tuition is billed according to the number of lessons chosen. All Hixson Piano students take a minimum of 6 summer lessons to guarantee a place in the studio for the 2018-2019 year. Students who are beginning with Hixson Piano this summer will be responsible for purchasing their books (approximately $10-20).
Available Lesson Packages:
30-minute lessons
6 Lessons=$174
7 Lessons=$203
8 Lessons=$232
9 Lessons=$261
45-minute lessons
6 Lessons=$261
7 Lessons=$305
8 Lessons=$348
9 Lessons=$392
60-minute lessons
6 Lessons=$348
7 Lessons=$406
8 Lessons=$464
9 Lessons=$522