Arch Cup

The Arch Cup was founded by Caroline Hixson in 2015 for her own students. Performance and adjudication opportunities are crucial to a student’s progression and at the time Saint Louis did not have a fall festival. Soon other teachers began requesting that their students be able to participate, and it was moved to Webster University to accommodate growing numbers.
The Arch Cup is open to students of all ages and levels from Saint Louis-area studios. Students play one memorized piece for a judge. Each student will receive adjudication comments and a rating (Superior Plus, Superior, or Excellent). Depending on the rating students may receive a trophy, ribbon, or certificate. Facebook Event Page
Teachers interested in participating in the Arch Cup on Sunday, October 14, 2018 can find the info below:

Piano Solo

Arch Cup Info (Piano) PDF
Registration Form (Piano Solo)

Piano Duet

Arch Cup Info (Piano Duet) PDF
Registration Form (Piano Duet)


Arch Cup Info (Violin) PDF
Registration Form (Violin)


Arch Cup Info (Flute) PDF
Registration Form (Flute)


Arch Cup Info (Voice) PDF
Registration Form (Voice)